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Winning the mantle of a highly reliable Manufacturer and Supplier, our product line is produced using non other than precision driven machines, each of which run on high-end technology. From  Solar Powered Petrol Pumps and Solar Home System to Pv Modules and Solar Powered Water Pumps, one can choose a wide array of goods from under our roof. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, we are working in this line since our inception in 2015. Having a low maintenance aspect, such instruments are known for delivering a powerful output for a long duration of time. Our affordable pricing structure, further gives us an edge in the market today!

Our Experts

Our establishment is thankful to the team of experts who are working for us. Their knowledge and innovative minds has guided us in making wise decisions, which have aided us in earning an edge in the market. Reading the rising market tendencies carefully, these professionals alter the fabrication process so as to create items which match the ongoing market needs. From procuring members and fabrication technicians, to warehousing experts and transportation experts, each member makes sure that their divisions run in a faultless manner always.

Quality Analysis

Leaving no stone unturned, our team of quality inspecting analysts have made sure that each and every Solar Powered Petrol Pumps and Solar Home System which we offer have are of unparalleled quality. Using only a series of A-one components for our development process, guarantees our patrons of receiving a performance oriented commodity.  Supported by state of the art equipments, these devices are tuned and tested on various factors, so as to make sure that they run in an faultless manner every time.

EPC Projects

Our organization works on the basis of 6 principles, namely Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Project Management, Construction and Commissioning. Having a great deal of experience in this field of work, our firm has created a strong foothold in the industry with it's innovative and reliable turnkey projects. Providing you with all the necessary machines and expertise, our firm assures you of carrying our all your Solar-powered projects( Solar Powered Petrol Pumps and Solar Home System) in a cost-effective manner.
  • Engineering
    • Designing  high-tech solar plants, our team brings out an innovative and perfect result with every challenging project. Site & technology assessment as well as post operations support and maintenance are some points which we look into after the engineering work is complete.
  • Procurement
    • Aiming at delivering an A-grade commodity, our establishment secures top of the line resources and equipments, so as to make sure that there are no glitches or flaws at any point.
  • Production
  • Supported by a world-class production house, our equipments run on modern day technology so as to give us with an impeccable set of results. Our quality testing facilities ensure that each module is efficient and environmentally safe.
  • Project Management
    • Using our expert minds and merging them with ongoing technology is what helps us in managing each and every project in a trusted manner.
  • Construction
    • A detailed project strategy is always developed from our end before carrying out any work. Working with experienced contractors, our team looks forward at getting highest level of quality work done within the time and cost deadlines
  • Commissioning
    • in order to make sure that our devices meet the necessary standards, we conduct a number of commissioning tests so as to make sure that each plant works in a powerful manner at all times.
Ambit of Products

Bringing a revolutionary array of devices to the Indian market, the goods which we offer are highly energy efficient and would reduce your electricity bills to a phenomenal amount. The machines we use include-
  • E-Rickshaw Solar Kit
  • Led Bulb (ACULITE)
  • Pv Modules
  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • Solar Home Light Systems
  • Solar Home System
  • Solar Modules
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Power Packs
  • Solar Powered Petrol Pumps
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Solar Thermal
  • Solar Powered Water Pumps
Acutech Solar-History

Our company was started with an aim of delivering green field solutions to the Indian market. Coming a long way since our inception, we have attained a great deal of respect for our environment-friendly working record, and also for delivering some of the most powerful and efficient array of solar modules, each of which are built as per your specified business requirements. An engineer-driven organization, our constant drive for innovation is what gives us an edge in this competition. The advantages which our products hold include-
  • State of the art infrastructural facility.
  • Innovative technology and world-class production machinery.
  • 100% quality inspection by EL Defect and Solar Module Tester.
  • Polyester tedlar utilized as a back sheet restricts from moisture and mechanical harm.
  • Anodized Aluminum framework gives the system rigid, corrosion free structural support.

Our esteemed organization has always made sure that it creates devices for a better future tomorrow. We run with a prime focus on numerous industrial factors which include  Information technology, Health Care, Automation and Renewal Energy solutions. Supported by cutting edge research technology, we are able to enhance our customer experience by equipping them with creative designs and custom-build Solar Powered Petrol Pumps and Solar Home System. Using the best of resources and a skilled batch of professionals, enables us to take your business to new heights of success. Our presence is offered through three sales offices in India while one being their in the U.S.